Planning the Next Capsule | Fall 2015 Outfit

Fall 2015 Outfit (28)

Last night I started planning my Quarter One Capsule Wardrobe (January-March 2016).  Right now I have about 10-ish tentative items to add to or replace ones in my current collection.  I’m already checking in online with a few of my favorite stores.  Being plus-sized-ish (-ahem-) extra curvy means that I have to be picky about where I select my clothing.

Today I donned this uber-casual and comfy outfit above, and headed out to begin the hunt for a few pieces.  More to come!

Top: Long-Sleeve Constellation Tee in Grey (Old Navy)

Bottom: Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans in Grey (Old Navy)

Shoes: Sneakers in Grey and White (Off Broadway Shoes / Vans)


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