My Red House Wines

Glass of wine with bottles and opener

In June 2015, I made a short list of red wines that, for one reason or another, I often stock at home.  I refer to these as my red “house wines” because much like a restaurant, they are my go-to wines that I drink when I want something reliably good.  Although everyone’s pallet is different, these are also generally the wines I recommend to friends who are looking for something tasty to bring to a party or give as a gift.

Once I had my list, I invited my friends to join me for a tasting at my home.  The event was called Floor Wine!  Red Wine Tasting – at the time, my apartment had little furniture due to my upcoming move to France.

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Entering the Court: Studying Wine

One wine-lover’s experience with her pursuit of knowledge.

Wine in Row
By Michelle Marcus

After attending so many wine tastings and events around the St. Louis area over the last six years, wine has become a hobby and newfound passion. I learned how to swirl, sniff, and sip from the STLwinegirl, also known as Angela Ortmann.

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