Welcome Back to the 80s | Fall 2015 Outfit

Fall 2015 Outfit (2)

Something about a jean jacket and black cuffed jean pants screams, “Welcome to the 80’s!”  While the outfit was not one of my favorite mash-ups of the season, I liked experimenting with these pieces together.

Note: the sleeves of the jean jacket are cuffed once because, well at 5′ 1″-ish, I’m basically petite so the sleeves would have been a little long otherwise.  The pants, on the other hand, were cuffed because it’s trendy nowadays to wear them that way with your ankle boots, heels, etc.  Oh so effortlessly chic.

(My apologies for the poorly photographed mirror photo.  Sadly, it will not be the last.)

Over: Denim Trucker Jacket in Medium Blue (Old Navy)

Top: Feather Dolman-Sleeve Graphic Tee in Cream (Old Navy)

Bottom: Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans in Black (Old Navy)

Shoes: Suede Ankle Books in Black (DSW / Crown Victoria)


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