Plot Twist! – Redefining The Marketing Lush

Plot Twist Ahead Sign
The journey of a single blog can consist of more hairpin turns than Lombard Street (in San Francisco, CA).  While some blogs start and then stop abruptly, so many others will simply change course and keep on sailing.  Thanks to the support and encouragement from our readers, The Marketing Lush intends to be the latter.


The Marketing Lush has been redefined, but the pieces that you love will remain.  We will still share essential marketing concepts for small businesses. We will also invite guest bloggers to communicate their insights.

The big change is the overall subject matter of the blog, which will now be much more focused on the wine, beer, and spirits industry – both from the business owner’s perspective and the retail consumer’s point of view. This means we’ll have articles on a wide variety of topics, such as yummy booze to try, marketing efforts that were outstanding or a little off-the-mark, interesting or unusual industry info, and more!

In short: The Marketing Lush is now a blog about adult beverages, marketing, and awesomeness.

Based on your earlier input, the team here at TML is confident that you will enjoy this tasty refresh. And we’re always interested in MORE feedback!



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