Cheers! Introducing “The Marketing Lush” Blog

Welcome to The Marketing Lush – a blog that shares essential marketing concepts with small businesses.

What You Can Expect
The Marketing Lush offers small businesses an amusing, casual environment where they can learn more about marketing from experts. Assume you’ll be laughing and learning in the same five to ten minute span, every week on Mondays.

Our first article will be published on Monday, April 7th, 2014 – “What to Do in the Event of a Brainstorm,” by Megan Vogel, lead author and founder. After that, our goal is one new article each week. (Sometimes targets are made to be missed.)

Ways You Can Interact
1. Share the heck out of this page
That’s right. You can stir up some internet excitement by being one of the first people to introduce your gaggle of facetwitlinkoogle+press friends to The Marketing Lush’s blog:

Hook up with us on Facebook and Twitter, too, because we’ll be sharing exclusive content on those pages frequently.

2. Small business council
To endlessly generate ideas and gather advice about blog content, we’ll launch The Marketing Lush’s Small Business Council in Summer 2014. Small business owners and staff will be invited to participate as members of the council to offer suggestions for future articles, ideas for enhancement, and generally tell us what to do. Like a volunteer board of directors, but with fewer trust funds.

If you think you might be interested in offering your opinions as a member of the council, fill out the feedback form on the About the Marketing Lush page and include a brief description of your company, as well as your position within it.

3. Guest writers
The Marketing Lush is also looking for fellow inebriates, drunk with marketing expertise. Guest writers are volunteers; in exchange for sharing brilliant marketing musings with our small business readers, they are published on the (soon-to-be) GREATEST MARKETING BLOG IN THE WORLD, The Marketing Lush!

If you think you might be interested in being a guest writer, fill out the feedback form on the About the Marketing Lush page, and include a brief summary of your topic.

See you next week, and in the meantime – bottoms up!


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