Investing in Your Business (You Get What You Pay For)

By Lucinda Gunnin

There’s a temptation in business, especially if your business is new, to cut corners wherever you can. But the reality is that sometimes it’s more important to invest in your business than it is to save money. Continue reading

All Hail Google: an Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

By Anne DeVito

Back in the Dark Ages of the Internet, searching for information was like hunting snipes. You believed that what you sought existed somewhere out there, but damn if you could actually find it on a primitive search engine. It was a frustrating experience that often led to people turning to traditional sources, like hardbound, physical copies of the encyclopedia. (Remember those? Crazy.)

But, lo! An algorithm was born, and unto us a Google was given to light our way through the darkness! Suddenly, you could easily find the information you were searching for. It was such a revolution that “google” became a verb in English, and Google’s popularity (and profits) skyrocketed.
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What to Do in the Event of a Brainstorm

By Megan Vogel

There’s no such thing as guaranteed safety inside a brainstorm. Accidents can happen, and brainstorm victims may end up with outrageously creative ideas.

But then again, you’re the adventurous sort.

Small businesses must brainstorm in order to survive.
Small businesses tend to be just that – small. In the United States, 89.7% of the 5.8 million employer firms have less than 20 employees (Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, 2014). In many of those businesses, there are a handful of “idea people”. Those individuals have more to do than come up with new ideas for the company. For example, they may also be the company’s owner, treasurer, operations manager, etc.

These are busy people. Continue reading